Clown Koopa Car

Nintendo continues to improve and enhance its biggest Wii U releases, and Super Mario Maker is now all set for its next major update on 22nd December; it'll add three new items and a neat feature in the course selection area.

To start with the latter, each course entry will now display who completed it first and the world record time; this could add a new dynamic if gamers compete over speedruns on favoured courses.

In terms of items, shaking specific items will now reveal a Bumper, a P Warp Door and, coolest of all, a Fire Koopa Clown Car. The latter should make side-scrolling shooter levels even better.

In addition the Super Mario Maker Bookmark Web Portal will also go live on 22nd December; this is a website where you login with your Nintendo Network ID, browse the courses and then 'bookmark' them to play on your Wii U later.

You can see trailers for both the update and the web portal below; are you looking forward to these?