Super Mario Maker is the platformer with endless content, naturally, though the batch of 'Event Courses' developed by Nintendo and its chums continue to add some nice little treats. A number of these add Mystery Mushroom costumes, some that are quirkier than others; we've have totem Links to celebrate The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, don't forget.

The next 3DS game to get a nod in the Wii U title will be Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, with Nintendo of Europe confirming that a quirky 'Paper Mario' outfit will be unlockable when clearing its related Event Course from 3rd December. That's to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the game in Europe this week, though we hope the course will be available on the same date in North America too despite the 3DS RPG not arriving in the region until January.

Have you been enjoying the Event Courses, and are you planning to tackle this one?