Dementium Remastered

Not too long ago, we reported on Totes the Goat, a side project of Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham. When he was discussing how the game came about, it was mentioned how the studio has a tough time getting good footing in the eShop. Although most Renegade Kid games have been fairly well received and advertised, some factor is just preventing them from really catching on with gamers. Unfortunately, the studio's latest release – Dementium Remastered – continued this trend, and things are beginning to look somewhat grim.

We Got This Covered recently conducted a short interview with Watsham to talk about Totes the Goat and the studio in general. When Dementium Remastered was brought up, Watsham didn't have very good news to share. The studio already had fairly low expectations for how it would perform on the eShop, but the game didn't even hit those sales expectations. Watsham went on to say that the studio may reconsider developing any games for the platform beyond the ones currently in development, as it's a problem if the profits just aren't there. Here's the quote:

The sales of Dementium Remastered have been very low so far. Much lower than I expected. My expectations were based on how our other games have sold, and as such were already quite conservative. I am very surprised that they are lower than my conservative projections. We will still continue with releasing the game in Europe and also release Dementium II Remastered, but the sales results definitely make us pause with future development on 3DS beyond Mutant Mudds Super Challenge and Treasurenauts, which is very unfortunate. In an ideal world, I would love to continue developing games for 3DS. It is my personal favorite console to play games on, but if we can't generate enough revenue from our games to cover the cost of 4 people with no office space, then something must change.

What do you think? Would you miss Renegade Kid's eShop releases? What do you think is the problem behind the studio's sales woes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.