Whether this is Christmas, the Holidays or just 25th December to you, everyone at Nintendo Life wants to send you our warmest wishes. It's a time that's different for everyone - perhaps it's an opportunity for being with family, or close friends, or even a chance to treat yourself and share the Holiday with others online. However you're spending the day, we hope it's full of cheer and enjoyment.

2015 has been a year of ups and downs for Nintendo. There have been some highs and fantastic games, and other releases that have proven to be divisive or underwhelming. Far more notable than any of that was the sad passing of Satoru Iwata, a man who led the company through times of incredible change and brought joy to the gaming world. His is a legacy that we can all celebrate when we play Nintendo games over the Holidays.

I know I'm speaking for everyone that's part of the Nintendo Life team and the Triforce of Directors when I share these greetings. As always I'd also like to publicly extend my thanks to all of our writers and contributors; they bring such passion, commitment and humour to their words, and the site wouldn't be anywhere near where it is without them.

Of course, a huge thanks goes to all of you, our community. In years to come I suspect 2015 won't be regarded as a great one for Nintendo, and yet you keep visiting the site in greater numbers, reading our words and sharing comments. Whether you're a regular commenter, a frequenter of the forums, or a silent reader as I once was - thank you.

As for next year? Well, I think it'll be hugely exciting. Nintendo will go into mobile and, more importantly, we'll learn all about the NX and what the next generation of hardware will look like. There are also exciting changes coming soon to Nintendo Life, so stay tuned.

So wherever you are and whatever you're doing, have a wonderful day and Holiday season. Keep on gaming.