Mercedes DLC

In a rather strange turn of events, the first DLC ever released for Mario Kart 8 was all themed around Mercedes-Benz cars. Understandably, this put many gamers on edge and many saw it as a sign that the company was 'selling out', though this was perhaps an unfairly harsh criticism. At any rate, Mercedes-Benz DLC struck again recently, with a new stage and GLA themed costume being made available in Super Mario Maker.

In a short interview with Fortune, Caroline Pilz – head of product placement and fashion sponsoring for Mercedes-Benz – talked a bit more about the company's products appearing in Nintendo games. Pilz says that this is due in part to an effort to reach the company's main audience, as there are many middle aged individuals playing Nintendo games.

Many people grew up with Mario during the last 30 years, so there are quite a lot of 30- and 40-somethings around for which Super Mario Maker hails back to their childhood days and gives them a large dose of nostalgia.

Pilz also acknowledged gamers' trepidation with outside brands appearing in games, and mentioned how the company made a focused effort to make sure the Super Mario Maker level was up to snuff.

While we received a lot of positive feedback on the campaign and the integration of our cars into Mario Kart 8, we also learned that many gamers are skeptical about brands appearing in their games. So we made sure to put a lot of effort and passion into designing the actual level.

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