As most of you are aware of by this point, there's still a little bit of DLC due to be coming to Super Smash Bros. 4. Most notably is the inclusion of three new characters; Cloud – of Final Fantasy 7 fame - is already out, Corrin – the protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates – is due out next year along with Bayonetta, the titular character of Platinum Games' most popular franchise. There's understandably a lot of hype around these new introductions, and they'll make for an excellent conclusion to the biggest Smash game yet.

Masahiro Sakurai – the director of the Smash games – occasionally writes columns for Famitsu (hat tip to Nintendo Everything for the translation), and he wrote in the most recent edition about the new characters. For Cloud, he mentioned that his inclusion was due to how he's easily the most popular Final Fantasy character. As for how the development team balanced the character for the game, they made his moveset primarily centered around big swings with his sword, likely to leave him open for counterattacks by dexterous players.

For Corrin, he said that they initially wanted to add a character from a game that either came out recently or would be coming out in the near future. Fire Emblem Fates fit this criteria, as it released in Japan in June and hits the west in February, but Sakurai did admit that he, too, thought that they would be putting in too many Fire Emblem characters. Eventually, the rest of the staff convinced him that Corrin would be a good pick, and the decision was made.

As for Bayonetta, the character was chosen mostly due to how she was near the top of the Smash Fighter Ballot in all regions, which tallied nearly 2 million total votes cast globally. Due to how Nintendo published Bayonetta 2, she also was the most viable for realistically negotiable fighters. Sakurai admitted that he had a difficult time adapting her to a suitable moveset, and this is why she became a more combo oriented character. Additionally, he mentioned that she poses a bit of a threat to the game's rating, particularly in Japan where ratings are apparently a bit stricter.

What do you think? Were you satisfied with the final characters they picked? What do you think of Cloud? Share your thoughts in the comments below.