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Xenoblade Chronicles X arrives this week in the West, and we've already said in a number of words why you should strongly consider it, awarding a 9/10 in our review. Planet Mira is a fantastic setting, and beyond that Monolith Soft has taken a number of its ideas and mechanics from Xenoblade Chronicles and expanded upon them; it's a wonderful game on Wii U.

Now Digital Foundry has taken a look at the game from a technical perspective, and the outcome is certainly positive. From a Wii U standpoint the game, and the ambitious nature of its open world, is supported by pretty solid performance. At a resolution of 720p there's praise for the near-solid 30fps performance, albeit with acknowledgement of the visual sacrifices made. Nevertheless the overall tone is one of positivity around what Monolith Soft's team has produced.

Digital Foundry makes an interesting point about The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, too, which will likely be an equally ambitious open world experience. Monolith Soft had some team members contribute to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and is well known to be providing expertise and support to Nintendo on projects that fits its skill set.

Seeing what has been achieved here gives us hope for the upcoming Zelda title on Wii U. Earlier this year, Monolith Soft posted a number of jobs for support roles which was later clarified by the game's creator Tetsuya Takahashi in an interview noting that "Monolith is currently supporting a handful of other Nintendo projects, specifically projects needing map design and 'interesting adventure elements'." Bearing in mind that Monolith Soft previous helped with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, it seems likely that the latest Wii U instalment is receiving support as well. While the team responsible for Xenoblade X is separate from the support team, the experience gained in the creation of the game certainly seems like a good fit for an open world Zelda title.

It's pleasing to see Xenoblade Chronicles X earning plenty of praise; in our view it certainly deserves it. If Monolith Soft can also help to create a similarly engaging world with the Zelda team, it's safe to say that's an extremely exciting thought.

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