National Streetpass Holiday

With Christmas being mere days away, travel is likely going to be a large part of the lives of countless people as they go to be with family and/or friends for the holidays. Whether you travel by planes, trains, or automobiles, it goes without saying that bringing along the trusty Nintendo 3DS is an absolute necessity to pass the long hours that will no doubt ensue.

Nintendo is well aware that many people will be traveling over the next few days, which is why another National Streetpass Weekend has been announced. It'll be taking place from 24th December all the way to 4th January; stopping by any of the 29,000+ Nintendo Zone hotspots will possibly net you six streetpasses. Of course, if you're going to be doing any serious traveling, you'll likely be seeing that little green light plenty more than usual.

What do you think? Where are you going for the holidays? Have you completed all of the puzzles yet? Drop us a comment in the section below.