It can be interesting to see how Nintendo's marketing varies across different titles, with concepts - or lack of concept as the case may be - drawn up to play to a game's strengths. On that score Nintendo's clearly got very different ideas of how to tempt players to pick up Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and Level 5's Yo-Kai Watch in North America.

Starting off with the upcoming tennis shenanigans on Wii U, Nintendo's keeping it simple with brief trailers to show off new cast members strutting their stuff. On this occasion we get a look at Toadette, though due to her height she probably isn't a great option for those intent on dominating from the net.

With Yo-Kai Watch, though, there's another TV commercial following on from the zany approach of its predecessor.

We're not convinced yet that Yo-Kai Watch will be the 'next Pokémon' as Viz Media hopes, but are certainly curious to see whether the anime, game and this marketing will pay off for the imminent North American release; it's out on 6th November. As for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, we reckon its hopes lie in securing a spot as a fun multiplayer game for the Holidays, though Nintendo will also be aiming for that market with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival on Wii U.

So, are you looking forward to these games, and do you think they'll sell well in the next couple of months?