Nintendo's an accomplished purveyor of charm. Does any other company do a better job of providing colourful and quirky entertainment? Possibly, but we never cease to be surprised at the ease with which Nintendo can draw a smile, simply through its characters, design and gameplay approaches.

Of the various teams and studios that help Nintendo achieve this, AlphaDream is definitely among the elite. The portable-only Mario & Luigi series is much-loved for its humorous characterisations and script, along with the sheer silliness in its plots, scenarios and mechanics. Our hope is that Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam will maintain those standards.

We were rather impressed in our recent preview, and the latest videos shared by Nintendo on its Japanese YouTube channel show it off really nicely. There's an extended showcase that demonstrates plenty of gameplay, and also a rather cute TV commercial. Check them out.

Let us know whether this is on your wishlist, and in the meantime below is a little bonus from that same channel - Animal Crossing music is yet another charming part of Nintendo gaming.