There's certainly no shortage of ways to travel around as a squid in Splatoon. You can choose to either just swim through your team's ink, tap on a teammate or Squid Beakon to super jump, or – in the single player mode – use a sort of powerline to quickly transport you from one side of the map to another. However, it appears that there was yet another form of warping that was scrapped at some point in development.

As we reported on a couple months ago, a new art book for Splatoon recently launched exclusively in Japan. Featuring over 300 pages of artwork and information on the game, the book naturally is filled with interesting trivia on the game. A picture was spotted which seems to indicate that at one point, there was to be a warp system where inklings would be able to jump into urinals or sinks and be ejected out another one somewhere else on the map. Doubtless, Nintendo removed this due to it being somewhat lowbrow humor, but nonetheless it would've been an interesting inclusion.

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