Photos With Mario.png

Photos With Mario is an interesting app from Nintendo - it was previously dumped onto the eShop in North America with little fanfare prior to the release of special eShop $10 fund cards which included AR cards. Rather like the default AR cards that come with the 3DS these allow you to bring Nintendo items and characters into the real world, with the app naturally including some neat animations and poses of its own.

Now the app and range is coming to Europe, though as yet it's not available for download from the eShop. Instead Nintendo of Europe is rather keen for you to buy the special eShop fund cards that include different AR card options for Mario, Luigi and Bowser. In UK prices the Luigi version is £15, Mario is £25 and Bowser comes in whopping £50 cards.

Interestingly, the app AR cards and codes look set to be included in more standard designs of eShop cards too, while in the UK the neat special versions will be exclusive to Sainsbury's. If you're in the UK you should check out this PDF for the breakdown.

Gamers throughout Europe should look for equivalent details on their regional Nintendo sites, which should be variations of this page.

It's a neat extra to arrive - at last - in Europe, even if it looks to be a fund card-only deal.

With thanks to Henmii and 123Akis for the heads up.