Nintendo eBay.png

The last time we wrote about eBay we were probably despairing at scalpers flogging limited edition consoles or amiibo at ludicrous prices in the height of demand and low supply. The topic is Nintendo once again, but this time it's an official store on the marketplace - without a $100 Gold Mario amiibo to be found anywhere.

Nintendo's official store on eBay appears to be primarily for North America; we can't find a UK equivalent, for example, at the time of writing. There are a range of major game releases across Wii U and 3DS, some hardware options such as bundles and the 3DS NFC reader, while a handful of refurbished controllers and older 3DS models are also thrown in.

There may be some decent prices though, in truth, there don't appear to be any hugely attractive options. This simply seems to be there to catch the attention of eBay customers rather than to push any thrilling price promotions, for now at least. It's also a handy option for those with a preference for PayPal.

You can check it on this page.

Thanks to all that send this in.