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Minecraft is arguably the most influential video game of all-time. While the masterpiece where players create their own adventure and the world around them has graced multiple platforms over the past number of years since its initial release on PC, Mojang has unfortunately skipped Nintendo systems time and time again. When Microsoft acquired Mojang in the second half of 2014, the chances of Minecraft releasing on a Nintendo platform appeared to be slimmer than ever.

Until now, that is. Following the recent confirmation that Telltale's Minecraft: Story Mode would be released on the Wii U in the near future, a rating for Minecraft Wii U Edition has now surfaced via the Pan European Game Information page.

Minecraft Wii U Edition Rating

As can be seen from the above listing, the title is published by Microsoft Studios and currently is listed for release on 12th November – lining up with the upcoming Nintendo Direct. Unless it's a major error, this may finally be the announcement Nintendo fans have been waiting a long time for.

In 2013, Minecraft creator Notch said there were no plans to release the title on Nintendo platforms. However, with Microsoft now in control of Mojang and the insanely popular IP, the situation may have changed. With Minecraft regularly a top seller on all platforms it is available on, this can be seen as a very positive news for Nintendo and the Wii U moving forward.

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