Koei Tecmo can certainly be considered among Nintendo's most valuable allies in Japan. It not only develops the Nintendo-owned Fatal Frame titles, but has also produced titles such as the rather popular Hyrule Warriors. That Legend of Zelda spin-off has shipped over a million copies on Wii U and is coming to the 3DS as Hyrule Warriors Legends soon, while the 3DS in Japan will has Yo-kai Watch: Three Kingdoms to look forward to.

On other systems Koei Tecmo has produced spin-offs for franchises such as Dragon Quest, with an Attack on Titan title also heading to Sony systems. As you can see in the slide below from the company's financial reports, however, it's planning another major collaboration with a Western IP.

Koei Tecmo overseas.png

Considering the popularity of Hyrule Warriors, and its role in reviving the Warriors brand, we'll hopefully see support for Nintendo's systems in upcoming major projects. Of course it hasn't always come out that way, as per a couple of examples highlighted above, but Wii U and 3DS remain as platforms of focus - along with various others - according to Koei Tecmo's presentation. Working on a Western IP is also no surprise considering the fact that a significant percentage - over 75% - of the company's revenues are still made in Japan.

Some are dreaming of a Star Wars Mosou game, but that seems a tad far-fetched to us due to EA's stranglehold on the Disney-owned IP. In any case, what franchise would you like to see in a Koei Tecmo collaboration?

[source zhugeex.com, via neogaf.com]