Who remembers that Koei Tecmo concept art of a 'female Link' for Hyrule Warriors that got people talking? Most have it in their memory banks, we suspect, and now that same character - 'Linkle' - has been confirmed for Hyrule Warriors Legends on 3DS. We'd hope that she'll be part of the cross-platform content sharing with the Wii U original, too.

Linkle lives in a village full of Cuccos, because why not, and neatly is a dual-wielding crossbow user. She looks rather nippy, and her compass will be the centrepiece of a limited edition that's coming to Europe (not announced for North America as yet).

Pleasingly this title was given the same release date for both Europe and North America - 25th March.

Are you excited about this one and Linkle's inclusion? Let us know.

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