Bowled over

A recent ESRB rating has revealed that Brunswick Pro Bowling is heading to the Wii U, and the accompanying box art (shown below) suggests that it is getting a physical retail release.

The original game was released in 2008 and was ported to practically every system of the era, including the Wii and 3DS. Little is known about this updated edition, but we're guessing the gameplay will remain pretty much as it was before.

The ESRB rating hints at a comical side, with cartoon-like animations:

This is a sports simulation game in which players compete against opponents in games of bowling. If players score strikes or spares, "cartoony" animations are displayed on-screen: pins wagging their tongues at a female bowler; a female bowler blowing kisses to knock down pins.

Do you think you'll find this in your stocking at Christmas, or will you be giving it a miss?