Resi 4 Wii.jpg

With Halloween creeping closer Nintendo is doing its bit, particularly through the eShop, to get us in the mood. It now turns out that 29th October will have a double whammy for Wii U owners in Europe - not only will Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water finally arrive, but Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition will also land on the eShop.

Though Wii games typically cost €19.99 / £17.99 in Europe, there'll be a 25% discount until 5th November, giving gamers plenty of time to get it for less.

Resident Evil 4 is regarded by some as the best in the franchise, and also a fantastic game outright. It revolutionised the series when it first arrived on GameCube, and this Wii version includes Wii Remote pointer support and the Separate Ways add-on that was previously a PS2 exclusive. We absolutely loved it in our review and have praised it in various articles over the years.

There's no news of a North American release as yet, but hopefully it's coming.

So, how many of you in Europe are planning to pick this up?