Soon on store shelves?

Renegade Kid is a studio that has been a very dependable supporter of the eShop, with games like Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter periodically showing up and giving gamers solid slices of action that rarely disappoint. Though the studio seems to have a soft spot for retro games, releases like Moon Chronicles and the upcoming Dementium Remastered fulfill an older audience with more action oriented gameplay. All along the way, Renegade Kid's releases have been eShop only, but that may be set to change soon.

Jools Watsham – the studio lead – recently posted a tweet expressing interest in putting some games on store shelves. The studio doesn't have the means of publishing the games itself, however, and requires the help of a publisher to assist with distribution logistics. Here's the tweet:

While most of Renegade Kid's work wouldn't necessarily be lengthy enough to justify a full blown release, it sure would be awesome if there was eventually some sort of Renegade Kid Collection.

What do you think? Would you buy boxed editions of Renegade Kid games? Do you think the studio will find a publisher? Share your thoughts in the comments below.