Just like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, some little DLC freebies will likely become increasingly common in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. It's a little way to keep players coming back, and in a game focused on nothing but decorating it seems inevitable that the furniture range will be expanded with special items.

Some of those items could be, well, promotional retail stands. French site Nintendoactu - thanks, Tiny Cartridge - spotted a whole load of items in a room uploaded to the Happy Home Network, though that room and a related YouTube video have apparently disappeared since then. Assuming someone in Nintendo was playing on a particular copy and didn't realise what they were doing - we don't think these are elaborate fakes - it looks like some cool items are on the way; that's assuming the brief is "design me my own Nintendo World Store".

A likelihood is that these could be future extras that'll be delivered via SpotPass, but only time will tell. And hey, check out the stock levels on that amiibo stand!

If you want to design the cutest Nintendo-only game store in the world, with some neat retro units thrown in, then this furniture could be all you need.

All images via Nintendoactu.

[source nintendoactu.com, via tinycartridge.com]