Nintendo's been jazzing up its websites in recent times, and has now shifted up another gear by giving a major redesign to Miiverse. It's tapping into various current ideas like showcasing trending posts, emphasizing popular content and generally looking a bit flashier. It's also added adverts.

You can see the lowdown from Nintendo below, which highlights that this is a web-only update.

We reckon it's a pretty neat design, though the inclusion of adverts has naturally got some talking; there's the usual debate about whether to block or not. As Miiverse and all Nintendo Network functionality is free with the Wii U and 3DS we're rather inclined to suggest that adverts aren't the end of the world; we're mainly getting virtual mobile phones thrown at our eyeballs, which isn't too offensive.

The 'trending' approach does show some rather unhappy posts
The 'trending' approach does show some rather unhappy posts

Miiverse is still pretty much the same once you drill into Communities or sub-pages, which is unsurprising considering the last major re-design of the whole platform was only in the summer. It's only a few pages, therefore, that have this new look - and adverts - on the web version.

So, check it out and let us know what you think!