Any day now, Capcom

Though the West is still being left in the dark, Japan is due to receive Monster Hunter X in a little over a month. The latest instalment in Capcom's best-selling monster hunting extravaganza, Monster Hunter X is set to introduce significantly more dynamic fighting styles and tactics into the already frantic gameplay structure. With bigger and badder monsters, loads of new weapons and armor, and a whole slew of other new changes, it's being made all the more difficult to wait for this one.

In order to generate more hype for eager Japanese fans (and taunt those of us that can only look on enviously), Capcom recently posted footage of two new 3DS themes to its Japanese Youtube page. One features several of the headlining monsters in various threatening poses, while the other is decidedly more benign and cute, displaying colorful versions of smiling felynes. Have a look:

We can only hope that Capcom will choose to localise this, though it would be rather surprising if it opted not to.

What do you think? Will Capcom be bringing this game West? How do you think it'll stack up to previous entries? Share your thoughts in the comments below.