During our many excursions at EGX this year we found ourselves chatting to Brjann Sigurgeirsson from Image & Form, the developer most notably responsible for SteamWorld Dig and the upcoming SteamWorld Heist.

During the interview we learnt that although every SteamWorld game thus far has been of a different genre to its predecessors, Brjann was clear to point out that a direct sequel to SteamWorld Dig is not entirely out of the question:

You make a game, it's successful, and it's sort of obvious that you are going to make number two in that series. We had to debate that after SteamWorld Dig; 'are we going to make SteamWorld Dig 2 immediately now or should we do something else?'. We sort of reasoned that if we make SteamWorld Dig 2 immediately we are going to be that 2D mining platform developer.

You can check out the full interview in the video below, but we can't be held directly responsible for the poor level of humour that features.