It's time to press that Caps Lock key, as RCMADIAX has announced a release date for its next Wii U eShop title. COLOR BOMBS will arrive in the North American store on 22nd October for a price of $1.49.

As a reminder this is a chain-reaction title in which players must collect a predetermined amount of the aforementioned bombs to complete a stage, with 60 levels promised.

This is also a landmark for the studio as it's the 10th title it'll release on the Wii U in North America - Europe hasn't had every game yet - and that's taking into account a brief hiatus from the platform. RCMADIAX's BLOK DROP U was the first game to arrive using the Nintendo Web Framework back in March 2014. That means that the studio has averaged a release every two months or so, often in the form of concept titles - some of which we've liked in our reviews, others less so - available at budget prices.

Are you intrigued to try out another RCMADIAX release? Let us know.