As plain as the nose off his face

Anatomically, Bowser's nose can be considered to have two primary purposes. First, it provides something to breathe through when he has a mouth full of hot, fiery death to spit. Second, its presence keeps him from looking like a total goober.

Case in point, one GAME store seems to have come across a Hammer Slam Bowser amiibo from the upcoming Skylanders SuperChargers Racing with a factory defect. Just looking at it is enough proof that Bowser's schnoz really ties his face together.


Although the store teases that it could potentially make a mint off the borked Bowser, it later admits that the package would not be snatched by staff and go on the shelves like every other product.

In the hands of a pro customizer, this amiibo could have potential. A little black paint between the... er... within the nose area could start one off toward a nice, battle ready Meowser, as a responder on Twitter implied. Is this a Bowser you'd want for your collection?