Power Glove.jpg
Image: The Verge

"The Power Glove. It's so bad."

It's a line of dialogue familiar to many retro Nintendo fans, delivered in a non-ironic way in The Wizard, a movie that isn't exactly critically acclaimed but is fondly regarded by some. The peripheral itself was hugely fascinating at the time yet, ultimately, failed to achieve significant success, appearing and disappearing rather quickly from the NES scene.

Though its functionality has always been debatable and it's often been dismissed as sloppy, mediocre technology, this isn't necessarily fair. The origins of its development and the aspirations early prototypes held were actually impressive for the time, yet the mass-produced NES controller didn't necessarily reflect the original vision.

If you're interested in the Power Glove it's certainly worth setting aside some time to watch the video below from Gaming Historian, which was just uploaded this past weekend. It may change the way you think about the quirky controller.