Based on the ease with which we're still able to fill an online lobby, plenty of gamers are still enjoying Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the West. Of course, lucky Japanese gamers have Monster Hunter X (Cross) to look forward to later this year, a fresh take on the series that introduces new approaches to combat and an action-centric feel.

We're still hopeful that it'll be localised for the West, and now we want that even more having seen the New 3DS cover plate that's being released in the game. There'll be a New Nintendo 3DS bundle with this cover plate in Japan from 28th November, and it'll also be sold separately.

Monster Hunter X cover plate.jpg

Of course if you really want one you can check import sites nearer the time. These will look good on anyone's smaller New Nintendo 3DS, and now North Americans can look forward to that prospect too.

If you like collecting Japanese hardware this special edition New 3DS LL (XL) is also tough to resist.

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