Regular visitors to these pages likely know all about Image & Form's SteamWorld Heist Ambassador challenges - they're contests that give gamers a chance to win copies of the game for every platform, and even some for friends. Free games in exchange for creativity, typically.

The latest entry in the promotion should be a particularly fun one for creative writers, as the task Is to create a backstory for Billy Gill, who you can see below.

SteamWorld Heist Billy Gill.jpg

Perhaps Billy had a difficult past avoiding being snared in intergalactic fishing nets (yeah, we know that's rubbish) or the focus can be on his dapper outfit. Perhaps entries can just speculate on why any robot with legs would be a fish.

In any case, the prize of free Heist copies is always worth a punt - you can see all details and enter over on Image & Form's official blog post.