Deer God.jpg

In August 2014 The Deer God had a successful Kickstarter campaign, with its soundtrack and handsome pixel-based visuals catching the eye of 2801 backers. One of its successful stretch goals was for a Wii U eShop release, and now Mobot Studios - which has released multiple games on the store - is stepping in as publisher to help fulfil that target.

The Deer God places you in the role as the named creature, with exploration, platforming and combat all part of the experience as you work through different environments. There's a night and day system in addition to the ability to reincarnate as other animals, and combining all of these factors does promise much for this one.

It's previously been released on PC, iOS, Android and Xbox One, and the Wii U version is coming this December. Check out the Steam trailer below and let us know whether this is going on your wishlist.