Super Mario Maker hits the shops in Europe and North America tomorrow (just in case you hadn't heard!). Out of the box it supports a staggering variety of amiibo figurines; for example if you tap a Kirby amiibo against the Wii U GamePad while creating your level you can give Mario an 8-bit Kirby makeover by putting the item in a question-mark box. It's a nice touch and special poses, sound effects and jingles have been included too.

There has been no official DLC announced for Super Mario Maker yet, but it's only a matter of time. Our resident YouTube star Alex has recently shared some ideas for such DLC which may or may not become a reality.

It appears that the first round of DLC will be in the form of 8-bit costumes, starting with Famitsu magazine's mascot Necky the Fox (also spelled Nekkī) in Japan, as revealed in the latest issue:

Necky the Fox is the creation of artist Susumu Matsushita and has been Famitsu's mascot for some time now; he'll often be seen on the front cover of the magazine in costumes relating to contemporary video game characters. It's quite a neat touch for him to be included in Super Mario Maker, in what we can only assume will be exclusive DLC to Japan as the character isn't well known outside of the magazine's homeland.

What mascots or characters would you like to see included as Super Mario Maker DLC in the future? Unleash your creative juices in the comments below.