Shovel Knight fans who have been waiting to launch an alchemical assault on the land will not have to stretch their patience much further, as Yacht Club Games has announced a 17 September release date for its free Plague of Shadows campaign.

According to an announcement on the developer's website, the update will arrive for all platforms and regions on that day so nobody should be getting the geographical blues this time around. In addition to playing through a story with Plague Knight, don't forget that a new Challenge Mode will also be available.

You'll have to have beaten the original Shovel Knight campaign if you want to unlock Plague of Shadows the old fashioned way. However, Yacht Club has acknowledged that some people may be wanting to experience the new content on a different platform, lost their old saves or, you know, just don't want to beat the game. A special code will be made available for these people so Plague Knight can be unlocked right away.

Head over to Yacht Club's announcement page if you want some extra goodies about the upcoming update, including an instruction manual and some tips on getting around as the masked malevolent one (speedruns with Plague Knight, by the way, should be some pretty crazy sights to behold).

Will you be tackling Plague of Shadows as soon as it arrives? Let us know!