With Super Mario Maker's release a little over a week away Nintendo is trying various marketing tricks and strategies to get people interested, and now NoA has now posted videos of five YouTube celebrities taking on its 'Super Creator Challenge'. Whichever level's video gets the most Likes by 9th September wins, and our money is on the star with the most subscriptions, though odds are there to be beaten.

The five YouTubers involved are Strawburry17, The Game Theorists (who we feature semi-regularly here on Nintendo Life), The Completionist, Geek & Sundry and finally iJustine. Some of these have featured in official Nintendo videos or in interviews with senior figureheads in the past, and a couple are fairly new to the big N's social media efforts.

You can check out the efforts below and head to Nintendo's YouTube channel if you want to vote; are you impressed with any of these?