The Wii U - and in one case the 3DS - has brought the first eShop download games that are truly cross-platform. In a concept similar to Cubemen 2, Blowfish Studio Games is bringing Gunscape to Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and PC at the same time and opening up cross-platform level sharing.

Gunscape is certainly an idea that'll appeal to retro gamers, in particular, as it allows you to create old-school FPS levels and multiplayer maps. While it'll have content included to play, it's the ability to build stages and share across all four platforms that's being pitched as the big selling point.

Below are a few more details from the press release.

Gamers who prefer to focus solely on blasting enemies into sweet bloody messes can conquer campaigns as well as competitive multiplayer maps created by both Blowfish Studios and other players. All campaigns and multiplayer maps, including the ones made by the developer, were made using the same in-game tools players can use.

Gunscape will offer online multiplayer that supports up to 20 players or local multiplayer with split-screen supporting up to four players on PlayStation 4 and eight players on PC and Xbox One.

We can certainly see great potential in this release if it delivers on its promises. It's due to arrive in January 2016 - are you tempted by it?