It's been a mostly enjoyable week for Ace Attorney fans, primarily due to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6 being announced for 3DS and confirmed for the West. The downside came with accompanying news that The Great Ace Attorney doesn't seem to be planned for localisation out of Japan, and it'll be a great pity if that stance remains the same for the rest of the year.

Some snippets of storyline and references to a 'Water Mirror' approach to viewing clues have also come through, though there are also some handsome art assets and screens also doing the rounds. Not all are at their full resolution, but nevertheless give us a look at how the current 3DS-gen visuals for the series are being applied to a 'foreign land' with a prevalence of temples.

Check out some of the art and screens that are doing the rounds below.

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Ace Attorney 6 3.jpg
Ace Attorney 6 2.jpg
Ace Attorney 6 4.jpg
Ace Attorney 654.jpg
Ace Attorney 6 6.jpg
Ace Attorney 6 67.jpg
Ace Attorney 6 8.jpg
Ace Attorney 6 9.jpg
Ace Attorney 6 10.jpg

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