Skylanders SuperChargers

We're still kind of amazed that Nintendo allowed supercharged versions of Bowser and Donkey Kong to be included in the upcoming Skylanders SuperChargers game. In addition to being playable characters they also get their own amiibo figurines which have a handy switch in the base to flip into Skylanders mode.

Developer Vicarious Visions has recently spoken out a bit about the process for agreeing which of Nintendo's treasured IP would be used in Skylanders and it seems like if VV had their way the scope of the character crossover would have been far greater.

Star Fox (or more accurately Fox McCloud) was one of the key Nintendo IPs which Vicarious Visions had their sights set on. After all, he's a pilot and would be a perfect fit of the Skylanders universe. However with Star Fox Zero on the horizon, Nintendo shot down that idea as they didn't want to draw attention from Fox's own game.

It was also proposed that Kirby might be a good match for the Skylands, but the rights to Kirby are partially owned by HAL Laboratory so this proved to be too difficult a request to sign off on.

The idea of a Warrior Princess Peach was also banded about, but Nintendo felt this was out of character for Peach. Despite getting tough on the soccer pitch in Mario Strikers Charged, she'd never be caught charging around with a sword would she?

Hop over to TheHDRoom to read the rest of the article, it's a really interesting insight into the way Nintendo closely guards its treasured IPs. Which Nintendo character do you think would be best suited for Skylanders?