It's not easy being Sonic the Hedgehog - hot stuff in his youth, he's now on an iffy run of releases that earn shoulder shrugs or ridicule. Sure, there have been definite highlights in the past decade, but attention often turns to the horrible failures; it doesn't help that the mascot's most recent console game is Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

Yet our weekend started nicely following some silly tweets from the blue blur's official Twitter account, and just for giggles they're worth sharing. For example, below are some silly tweets shared for #TwinsDay - which is apparently a thing - which includes the Deus Ex account joining in.

Just yesterday the account shared an original trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which is ridiculous and amazing.

Headlines were also made in July when the mascot's YouTube channel made a silly meme video combining Sonic Generations and Shia LaBeouf - spoilers, though.

In any case, your humble writer is a loyal but despairing fan thanks to nostalgia for the good old days, a phrase that's often nonsense but is probably fair in the case of Sonic. Hats off to the individual - or team - representing Sonic on Twitter, though; it's better to laugh than cry.