Super Mario Maker.png

Super Mario Maker may, for many, fall into the 'must get a physical copy' category. Even download aficionados must be contemplating one of the physical retail options, either with the amiibo or a standard edition that - nevertheless - comes with a lovely 'design ideas' booklet. It's an Anniversary, live a little.

For those that spurn physical objects (apart from those needed for the virtual ones) there is, nevertheless, the option to download Super Mario Maker on 11th September. As previously announced it'll come with a digital version of the ideas booklet, while that'll also be published online.

North American Wii U owners now have the choice of pre-loading, too, meaning they can be smug show-offs and download 99% of the game right now. Gamers in the region can head to the eShop and select the pre-purchase option for $59.99 (US); we've checked our system in Europe and, nope, it's not live in the region as yet.

Will you be downloading this, or is the allure of the pretty physical versions too strong?

Thanks to Benson for the heads up.