Club Nintendo is all wrapped up in North America and it's heading towards its end date in PAL territories, too. Fans of the service in Europe and Australia can still grab some goodies with their remaining Stars, however, and some particularly awesome rewards have just been added.

Club Nintendo Mario Kart

All of these Mario Kart trophies are up for grabs, and we can say from experience that these are pretty neat; you don't even need to win a tournament, you just need to be winning enough at life to have plenty of Stars left. In fact, having enough Club Nintendo currency is the main problem - these cost 5000 Stars each in Europe and 4000 Stars each in Australia. In light of all the download games and physical rewards that have gone live in recent months, we doubt many will have that many Stars left.

If you do have enough, though, these must be tempting.

Hat tip to Benson for the heads up.