We sure like retro console mods here at Nintendo Life, as fans take classic systems and apply a neat twist to their design. Nintendo systems are often re-imagined in wonderful ways, and this 'PikaBoy' system is another example.

Pika Boy1
Pika Boy2

The creator, 'eforie', had the idea in 2011 but made it a reality for Christmas 2014 as a gift; as you can see in the details below and images above, it's more than a paint job.

  • LEDed Pikachu's cheeks when system is powered.
  • Speaking Pikachu when system is both switched ON/OFF.
  • 180° rotating tail for both show off/playing position.
  • Feet for STAND UP position.
  • Elevated +, A & B buttons.
  • Pokeball box.

You can see more of it in the video below. It's not for sale, so you may need to make your own PikaBoy.

[source geek.com, via imgur.com, gonintendo.com]