Splatoon Amiibo

Splatoon has undoubtedly been a huge success since release, with the game already shifting over 1 million sales worldwide. Much of the title's success has been in its native home of Japan, and those sales - coupled with the characteristically low stock of amiibo - resulted in the Splatoon amiibo vanishing fast from Japanese shelves.

Fortunately for many that missed out, Nintendo Japan has tweeted confirmation that the Boy and Girl Inklings are due for a restock from July 9th. On top of that, those who missed out on the the rarer-spotted Green Squid amiibo (and the resulting single player missions) will have the chance to nab the cephalopod when it is replenished in late July. Whether we see restocks in any other part of the world is still in doubt, but due to Splatoon's huge popularity it's very likely.

It's also been confirmed that the limited triple pack was indeed limited, and will be discontinued in Japan - meaning each amiibo will have to be picked up individually.

Are you still missing any Splatoon amiibo? Will you be importing any from Japan,or simply hoping for more stock closer to home? Let us know below.

[source nintendoeverything.com, via twitter.com]