Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Update

It's easy to forget that arcades exist in this day and age; if you've seen Wreck-It Ralph, that's how some of us still picture them in our mind. Unfortunately the majority of arcade machines nowadays are confined to bowling alleys alongside Whack-a-mole and Air Hockey tables. But we digress, Mario Kart Arcade GP DX actually exists even if you've never seen one in the flesh.

One of the interesting things when Bandai Namco announced this latest arcade spin-off was that it planned to bring annual updates offered over an online network. While we understand the Japanese version of the arcade has already seen 2 such updates, there has been no word about an update for the European and North American versions. Until now that is - an Arcade Heroes reader spills the beans:

I work at an FEC (Main Event in Alpharetta GA) and our MK AC GP DX just got updated to version 1.04 EX yesterday. The update added most of the things Japan got last year: Metal Mario, Rosalina, mirror modes of all tracks, a new title screen, what seems like new vehicles and power ups, and improved drifting mechanics.

The drifting can now give you a boost at the end much like the console MK games. There are 3 levels of boost depending on how long your drift lasts. IMO this addition makes the game feel way more like a "real" Mario Kart game.

It sounds like this is a worthwhile update to the game and should keep dedicated arcade gamers coming back for more. Does your local arcade emporium have a Mario Kart Arcade GP DX cabinet? If so, do let us know if you've been able to try out the new characters and features yet with a comment below.