Monster Hunter X (Cross) is coming to Japan by the end of this year in Japan, and will bring its own blend of action to the venerable IP. Incorporating villages from older entries and a slightly more action-oriented approach of spin-offs, it appears to be a blend aimed to entice action fans as well as dedicated MH aficionados.

Last week Famitsu magazine had a load of screens and details, and they've started to drift out into the wider press in Japan. The following are a combination of images from the official website, though 4Gamer has some alternatives too.








While looking around for video to reflect these screens we found the excellent work of 'gaijin hunter', a 20 minute breakdown (with high resolution scans) of that Famitsu edition from last week.

We're hopeful that success for this title and the decent performance of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in the West will prompt a 2017 localisation of this game outside of Japan. Time will tell, but are you excited by what you see here?

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