Summer Wonder Festival 2015 is currently taking place in Chiba, Japan - showcasing the many up and coming toys, figures and models that will leave our wallets looking a little desolate, and boy are there plenty of Nintendo figures on the way that will do just that.

We can't get enough of Nendoroids, and the Good Smile Company seemingly knows this. It's already treated us to Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing and numerous Pokémon Nendoroids, and now an extra four have been shown off for us figure hunters to add to our collections.

The most exciting (Nintendo themed) upcoming figures are: Fire Emblem's Marth, a sword-wielding Kirby, Mega Man and a Majora's Mask version of Young Link. While we're all keen to know the release dates and pricing of these various figures, it's still a little early. You can expect us to bring you updates as they come, however. Alternatively, keep your eyes on the official Good Smile Company website for more details.


What do you think of these new Nendoroids? Will you be pre-ordering any when they become available? Let us know in the comments below.

[source goodsmile.info]