If you're not a Reddit regular it can be a slightly baffling place, but it's an important home for plenty of serious gaming fans. That applies to amiibo enthusiasts, of course, and Amazon is using the platform to tease an announcement related to the figurines for Monday 13th July.

The following message and image was posted by boards regular AmazonJosh.

No, Esteban! Not until Monday!

Esteban Amiibo

To clarify, a post further down the thread explains what this means.

Esteban was an Amazon employee who gave this sub some info about when certain Amiibo would go live on the site. A cult following resulted in Amazon posting a picture of a rooster on Twitter. Allegedly, the rooster is Esteban.

So this picture, from AmazonJosh, likely implies that something big and Amiibo-related will occur on Monday, and the tie around his beak is to keep Esteban's mouth shut so as not to spoil the surprise.

AmazonJosh is keen to not give anything away, though a reply saying 'Mum's the word' has got some feverish (and light-hearted) speculation on the go.

In any case, Amazon does use Reddit to communicate pre-order windows and details, in particular, to amiibo fans. This could be information on ordering windows for the next Super Smash Bros. wave, for example; we'll find out soon enough.

[source reddit.com]