Zelda Rupees

Fan creations are always something that spark a lot of interest, as they allow fans to see what could've been without them having to wait for it to actually happen from the official source - if ever. Take Project M for example - a modified version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl created by dedicated members of the Smash community - which gives players the opportunity to use characters with revised physics, buffs, and nerfs to how the community sees fit (with on going patches to sustain any oddities found in the game). It also allows the player to play the game under various exclusive game modes.

Without digressing, YouTuber Callegos-Y has created a rather impressive animated video of a comedic sketch taking place in the Legend of Zelda universe. It's entitled 'Racing for Rupees', and tells the story of Link trying to obtain enough rupees to purchase a Hylian Shield due to his old shield burning into smithereens.

The video was constructed in Source Film Maker (SFM), a popular online video capture and editing application that operates inside game engines. Sure, the character models are notably sourced from various games within the Zelda franchise (the Link shown here seems to be from Hyrule Warriors), but the video's smooth animation really turns this video from just another fan mock-up to something a bit more substantial - much like the Majora's Mask Wii U HD fan trailer released in 2012.

Despite the sketch's lack of voice acting, its general comical theme really opens one's eyes about whether a Zelda animated series/film could come into fruition in a Pixar/DreamWorks-like production.

Are you a fan of Callegos-Y's creation here? If so, would you like to see something of the sort as an official production from Nintendo? Let us know below!

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