Zero to hero?

Star Fox Zero is Nintendo's biggest game of E3 2015, and while fans have been excited about the return of Fox McCloud and company, the overall reaction has been somewhat mixed - as you'll know if you've already ready our very early impressions.

Speaking to Game Informer, legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that although development of Star Fox Zero only kicked into gear last year prior to PlatinumGames becoming involved, it actually started life many years ago as a Wii prototype:

I work very closely with the programmer of Star Fox 64. Basically, every time we get new hardware, we do a Star Fox prototype. This Star Fox started out being based on a prototype we created for the Wii. We took that prototype and thought about what we could do with it. We came back and just said that this should be a Star Fox game.

Star Fox Zero isn't a sequel or a reboot, but will aim to fuse together classic Star Fox gameplay - on-rails shooting with occasional free-range combat - with new mechanics which use the GamePad to its fullest.