Pokémon fans have certainly seen their fair share of Pocket Monster themed watches throughout the franchises' history. After all, there are few forms of merchandise Pikachu has not decorated with his adorable face. Watches, however, are usually aimed at the younger audience, with next to nothing available for the more mature fans. Wearing a Pikachu watch to a Business meeting or social gathering may not be out of the question for some fans, but is a no-go for many others.

Worry no more, then, as culture brand BEAMS has teamed up with The Pokémon Company to produce two sophisticated, classy and definitely more subtle Pokémon watches, perfect for all us grown-ups.

The watches come in two varieties - a glossy black Pokéball theme and a silver, white and yellow Pikachu design. Style comes at a price, though, with the watches retailing for a whopping 39,960 yen (about $323). The watches are genuine SEIKO timepieces, entirely solar powered and water-resistant too (so you can SURF to your heart's content).

Those of you not put off by the price may be disappointed to know that these are exclusive to Japan, so the only way to get hold of the watches (for now) will be to import them. They are available to pre-order from the BEAMS store and will be available from July (though overseas shipping from the site itself doesn't seem to be an option, currently).

Do these watches interest you, or does the price leave you a little ticked off? Let us know in the comments.

[source en.rocketnews24.com, via shop.beams.co.jp]