Skylanders Super Chargers

If you caught E3 earlier this week, you'd know that Nintendo has teamed up with Activision to create two new amiibo for the latest instalment to the Skylanders series: Skylanders SuperChargers.

However, the announcement left some scratching their heads as to why Nintendo decided to use Donkey Kong and Bowser instead of more mainstream and iconic characters such as Mario or Link. Talking to Wall Street Journal, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed the reason why these two Nintendo juggernauts made it into the game over other characters:

Skylanders is all about creatures. So as we looked at our roster, those two fit the game. They're much more creature-like in their game-play mechanics and their movements, so those were the two that we agreed would make sense.

Reggie also delved further in describing how Nintendo's partnership with Activision came about:

Activision came to Nintendo at the outset of Skylanders development four years ago. So there was always this thought of, wouldn't it be great if Nintendo could somehow be integrated into the game? Jump forward to last year's E3, when we introduced amiibo, and we articulated our strategy of having figures that could work across games. At the same time, Activision shared with us their vision for their next installment of Skylanders that would include vehicles. And that's when the conversation became serious.

Finally, Reggie was asked what his favourite amiibo is, to which he responded:

Link. I'm a huge Legend of Zelda fan.

Are you a fan of Nintendo characters being involved with the game that started the NFC craze, or would you prefer more classic Nintendo mascots - or do you not like the idea at all? Let us know below!