Pokémon Shuffle remains a trailblazer on the 3DS, a free-to-play match-three title on the portable reliant upon micro-transactions to actually return the development investment. It's been downloaded about 4.5 million times, though we don't know whether it's actually made Nintendo any notable profit.

If free-to-play is still relatively rare on the 3DS, and doesn't benefit from the potential of in-app adverts, it's a definitive part of smart device gaming. There's little surprise, then, that Shuffle has now been announced as coming soon to iOS and Android. As you can see in the trailer below its look has been shaken up a little to accommodate a single screen.

This is an interesting one, as the 3DS original was developed by Genius Sonority and published by Nintendo, but we suspect that The Pokémon Company - owned by the big N but operating independently - will pick up publishing duties on iOS and Android. The Pokémon Company has an established record of smart device apps and more content away from dedicated Nintendo hardware.

It's been inevitable, in any case. We'll be curious to see whether this app version will support in-game ads as well as micro-transactions, and to see how it performs on these platforms.