Shigeru Miyamoto
Image: Nintendo

There can be a sense, sometimes, of doom and gloom around Nintendo - there are valid concerns for fans, but some fears can be overblown. While Wii U sales, unhappy E3 followers and more can have some trotting out the silly 'Nintendoomed' memes, it seems the company itself is relatively happy with its overall prospects.

Nintendo's 75th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders has taken place, and it saw ten proposed candidates re-elected to the board. These include key management figures familiar to fans:

  • Director and President - Satoru Iwata
  • Senior Managing Director - Shigeru Miyamoto
  • Senior Managing Director - Genyo Takeda

Also of note is Nintendo's continuing strength in the stock market. Nintendo's share value initially spiked in March following the announcement of its smart device partnership with DeNA, increasing to levels - over 20,000 Yen per share - that hadn't been seen for a number of years. Despite a brief dip during E3, the shares have recovered back to their new norm, closing on 26th June at 21,780 Yen.

With at least one smart device game / app due this year, 2016 will also bring continued progress on QoL (Quality of Life) and the reveal of Nintendo's next gaming hardware, codenamed NX. These medium to long term prospects seem to be sitting well with investors.

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